about holiday brew works

i hope this blog finds you well, yet slightly unsettled. by this i mean, i hope you are not content with how you think, feel, or approach coffee. i am not saying i hope you should stop enjoying coffee. i am saying i hope you think about the way you buy, brew, drink, savor and approach coffee differently after reading this. i don’t really have any answers, nor will i purport to do so throughout this blog. however, i will try with all my words and actions to find ways of speaking of and working with coffee that are simple, tasty and approachable. along with the aforementioned, i hope this blog will be a portal to other blogs, websites, videos or ideas that seek to do the same, or at the very least offer something interesting concerning coffee, in general. this said, i wont promise consistent postings, respond to comments (i will respond via twitter @enholiday, however), nor will i promise concise, or coherent ones either; however, i will seek to make them thoughtful and helpful to the best of my abilities. additionally, as you will see, i will mention a handful of people numerous times in my posts, (i.e., james hoffmanncolin harmontony queriomike mierzejewskipeter giuliano et al.) and that is because i think they are doing good things to help the coffee industry. (it may even be more beneficial to just read their blogs and tweets than follow mine). if you think there are other or better things do, think or talk about, let me know; i’d rather do something worthwhile and interesting than ramble on, like i seem to be doing here. with that, bon appétit!

-ian holiday