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grinding never was greener, but the grass has lost its hue

this is really fascinating! i use the hario mini-mill at home but if i had an espresso machine at home, too, i would definitely want this as its counter part. hopefully someone i come across will have one i can try within the next year. i found this on kyle glanville’s blog: glanvillain; you may want to read what he has to say, too.


volume is like a wave, always changing its mind

peter giuliano is one of my heros. he says things like “250ml=250ml”. i like that. he is very straight forward and honest. but, he also does his research to find out why we are so crazy. for example, he was muling over the idea that a “cup” is not always 8oz, or 240ml, or  5oz… gah!!!! you should see how sprudge covers his thoughts, here! from know on, lets all agree that 250ml=250ml.

thirty minute pleasure trip

these are hard to come by, so why not check out how george howell likes to spend his: pleasure time!

a beginning

here is a link to something i found interesting today: